Tennis Coaching

Junior Coaching Programs

All large group (before school) and small group (after school) lessons are conducted via each Semester.

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Hot Shots Tennis Kids Explore
MLC Hot Shot Kids

3-5 Years
30 Minutes
Mini Court

The Kids Tennis Program is aimed at developing foundation skills that are integral in any sport and strongly focuses on motor skills, co-ordination, tracking, balance and spatial awareness.

The tennis racquet is introduced at this level for developing the basic fundamentals. Once successfully mastering this program, players will graduaate to the Joey Tennis Program.

Hot Shots Tennis Joey Explore
MLC Hot Shots Joey

5-7 Years
30 minutes
Mini Court

The Joey Tennis Program has been specifically designed to further development of the player’s foundation skills whilst introducing and developing racquet control and basic tennis strokes.

Players will also start to understand serving, points and boundaries.

Once graduated, players are ready for the Red Tennis Program.

Hot Shots Tennis RED Lesson
MLC Hot Shots Red

7-9 Years
30 Minutes
Mini Court

Match Play Inclusive

The Red Tennis Program combines the elements of correct technique with the introduction and development of match play.

Stroke production is continued to be developed and the pro-serve and return is introduced at this level. Match play fundamentals including basic tactics, court movement, scoring and etiquette are also introduced at this level for maximum development of the player.

Hot Shots Tennis ORANGE Lesson
MLC Hot Shots Orange

9-11 Years
30 to 60 Minutes
3/4 Court

Match Play Inclusive

The Orange Tennis Program focuses on the player progression from a mini court to a 3/4 court.

The Orange program continues to concentrate on the player’s stroke technique, spin control, pro serve and return with the emphasis on control and consistency.
The Match Play element introduces the player to net play, the formats of singles and doubles and continues to the next level of strategy & tactics.

Hot Shots Tennis GREEN Lesson
MLC Hot Shots Green

10-12 Years
40 to 60 Minutes
Full Court

Match Play Inclusive

The Green Tennis Program focuses on preparing the player for the transition to the full ball game. This dynamic program further refines the player’s game with the key focus points on strength, spin control and technique.

The Match Play component deals with the strategies and tactics of the singles and doubles game with an emphasis on the serve, return and count movement.

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